Company Profile

Facing limitless challenges in the precision instrument industry

Corporate History

1941Founded as a sole proprietorship by Kenichi Komatsu. Began with the manufacture of springs, flat springs and wire springs.
1943Became a military designated factory. Factory relocated to the outskirts of Sendai city.
1951Returned from factory evacuation and began with the production of wire springs.
1952Incorporated as Komatsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. as a result of increased production and sales and saw a remarkable rise in the ratio of production of precision springs for camera shutters.
1958Began production of clock-related precision springs.
1960Entered the automobile parts and electric appliance industries and began sales to related manufacturers.
1962Converted to a joint-stock company (Capital: 4 million Yen) and changed trade name to Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. Sales division was separated and established as "New Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd." as an independent sales company to expand sales channels.
1963Second factory built in Tokyo to expand production capacity in response to increased demand.
1966Acquired "New Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd." to streamline management.
1969Commended by the Minister of International Trade and Industry for making notable contribution as an exporting company.
1973Headquarter building rebuilt.
1975Capital partnership with Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
1976Funaoka factory in Shibata-cho, Miyagi built.
1979Convertible bonds converted to stock and added to capital, raising paid-in capital amount to 131,800,000 yen.
1981Third factory built in Tokyo.
1984Setsuko Komatsu appointed as Representative Director.
1986Funaoka factory renovated.
1989Akita Ota-machi factory built in Senpoku county (Daisen City), Akita prefecture.
1992Akita Ota-machi second factory built.
1997Opening of PT.KOMATSU BANE INDONESIA in Indonesia, beginning production overseas.
2002Acquired ISO9001: 2000 authentication. NoJQA – QM7736.
2006 Won prize at the "1st Competition of the Top 300 Small/Medium Sized Companies Producing Active Products" (Selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, METI).
2007Jan.Acquired Eco-Action 21 Certification (No.1270 by the Ministry of the Environment).
Apr.Awarded honor of “Corporate Tax Return Excellence” from the Omori tax office.
Jun.Capital at 100 million yen.
JulyVisitation by the Emperor (Headquarter factory).
Sept.Construction and relocation of new factory within the Ogawara factory due to aging of Funaoka factory.
2011Certified as “Excellent factory (All-Round Achiever award)” by Ota city Tokyo.
2013MayAwarded honor of “Corporate Tax Return Excellence” from the Omori tax office.
2017Jan.Setsuko Komatsu (Chairman) has been published in “The 34th Excellent Management Awards Female Management Division Award” of Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun sponsored.
MaySetsuko Komatsu (Chairman) was awarded Order Decorations, “The Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays”
JulyAuthorized as “The Driving Company for the regional future” by Japan’ s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2018Apr.Awarded honor of “Corporate Tax Return Excellence” from the Omori tax office.
2023MayAwarded honor of “Corporate Tax Return Excellence” from the Omori tax office.