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Types of Springs

A thousand technologies for a thousand applications.


Manufacturing performance Wire diameter: 0.025㎜〜 Round wire, Flat wire

Application examples: medical devices, contact probes, electronic devices

The outer shape of the guide wire used for catheter treatment is thin enough to enter a blood vessel.
Technology that realizes accurate functions as a spring, not just thin, is required.
Comparison with mechanical pencil lead (0.5 mm)
Wire diameter: 0.02mm Wire diameter: 0.03mm Wire diameter: 0.06mm
With tip pitch
Wire diameter: 0.04mm
Outer diameter 0.31mm-0.35mm
Wire diameter: 0.06mm
Outer diameter 0.4mm
Tip squeezing
Wire diameter: 0.06mm
Wire diameter: 0.07mm Wire diameter: 0.03mm


TypePiano wire, Stainless steel wire, Platinum wire, Phosphor bronze wire, Various plated wires, etc.
ShapeRound wire, Flat wire

Example of Built-in Products

Used in various products
Electric Devices Industrial Products, Home Devices, Cameras, Printers, Gas Devices, Fire Alarms, Electricity Meters, etc.
Telecommunication Equipment Mobile Phones, Charging Stands, Terminal Blocks, Watches, etc.
Medical Equipment Catheter Therapy Device, Endoscopy Device, Electric Knife, Biopsy Device, Health Device, Sphygmomanometer, Pulse Oximeter, Weight Scale, Pedometer, Barber Device, etc.
Vehicle Equipment Cars, Motorcycles, Mowers, Bus, etc.
Other Jewelery, Locks, Audio Equipment, Fishing Gear, Stationery, Toys, Furniture, etc.


Meeting each need, fitting each application.
Electric Device: Switches, Connectors, Battery energization, Energizing parts, Contact probe, Printer dot pins, Sensors, etc.
Communication Equipment, watches, Camera: Watch crown, Watch day turning, Hinge, Antennas, Camera shutters, Around camera lenses, etc.
Medical equipment, Health equipment: For guide wires, For endoscope insertion parts, Projection markers, Clips, Biopsy machines, etc.
Cars, Motorcycles: For carburetors, In-car electrical components, Meters, Brake switches, etc.
Others: Filters, Fasteners, Earrings, Arm support for record needles, Lure frame, Reel, Stationery clips, Ballpoint pen parts, etc.